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A passion for producing customized cars.

"Since I was little, I've been thinking about nothing except cars. I can't stop loving cars."
At the age of 24, Toshihiko OHNO saw a customized Lotus-Seven for the first time on a street in Tokyo.
And at that key moment, Toshihiko OHNO decided to start producing customized cars.
At the age of 29, Toshihiko OHNO founded his own company named "CALIBUR" after the Mercedes EXCALIBUR.
Toshihiko OHNO produced mostly classic 1930's style cars.
His business was so unique that many newspaper, magazines and TV stations started to notice him.
Toshihiko OHNO was featured in Ibaraki newspaper, Nikkan jidosha newspaper, Nikkei newspaper, Yomiuri newspaper, Friday, Option(Car magazine) and so on.
Since 2000, Toshihiko OHNO has been exhibiting his personally crafted cars at the Geneva International Motor Show.